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Fall 2022 Newsletter

Hello to you all in the literacy field - learners, practitioners, managers, and LBS programs.

DLI wants to share exciting news with you all.

Recently September 2022, MLTSD - Ministry of Labour, Training, and Skills Development who usually funds all literacy programs, informed us that there is another funding for DLI called SFS which stands for Skills For Success. This funding has been assigned to DLI for this fiscal year to develop 12 new resources relating to literacy education for LBS programs to use. DLI has accepted the funding and has begun working on this big project. We are developing 12 new resources, not by ourselves, but through partnerships within our network.

We are excited to share this news.

Currently SFS is in phase 1 and is for supporting organizations. DLI is not alone, but also include francophone, anglophone, indigenous, and other streams. Most of us have been assigned with this project to develop new resources. For this fiscal year, we develop new resources to be shared in next fiscal year which will be called SFS Phase 2. SFS Phase 2 will be when LBS programs will have opportunity to pilot these new resources and we will collect feedback for improvement to make them successful. LBS programs will be contacted by MLTSD about SFS Phase 2 shortly to discuss plans on piloting these new resources.

This is an exciting but, it also means that DLI will be very busy for the rest of this fiscal year until March 30, 2022. This means our deaf stream will see 12 new resources on way. DLI will notify the stream on when we will have opportunity to see these new resources. We will host 1 or 2 days in person conference in February for practitioners and managers from LBS programs to check new resources for next fiscal year.

And also, we have another news - MLTSD is also giving DLI another funding to develop or revise 5 new Milestones/Culminating Tasks; 4 Milestones and 1 Culminating Task for deaf stream to be Deaf cultural friendly and easier for the ASL community to understand. This is going to be a very busy time for DLI as well. We have begun with the committee for this project. If one of your LBS programs want to participate in this project, please contact me to let me know. You are welcome to join us.

We are excited with these two project; Skills For Success and OALCF Milestones/Culminating Task.

We definitely will be busy. This is the news we wanted to share with you all. There will be more news later. Cheers!